About Slabtown Paper Shapes, Inc.

Honeycomb Packaging Manufacturers Grand Ledge MI

Our Story

In 1993 John Rulison read an article in the Detroit News titled “GM Packaging Up Widespread Use of Wooden Pallets”. This inspired him to create a corrugated cardboard pallet. He took the idea to his son Bob and together they launched Slabtown Paper Shapes. Through trial and error, and a few closed doors along the way, we figured out how to make the components for a cost-effective, quality corrugated pallet and build up block. From there we have grown, always acting as a partner to our customers, never a competitor. Now, with 24 years of experience and an expanded product line, we can service your needs for a range of internal and external packaging products.

As a family owned and operated business, we strive to not only provide the best quality product but to meet every possible customer need presented to us. We aim to do whatever it takes to get the job done while making the customers goals, budget, and timeframes the highest priority. Our motto and philosophy are to “Think Downstream: For Customers, Coworkers & Community”. We work directly with our customers, not only as a quality honeycomb packaging manufacturer but also as an extension of their own business. As time has progressed, so have our capabilities which allow us to grow and expand as the industry and our customer’s needs grow and expand. It has allowed us to grow from the new kid on the block to the industry leader of the Mid-West; something we are very proud of and work continuously to maintain.